Welcome to Development Days

Brief and to the point!
Inspiring and confronting!
Informal and result oriented!
Innovative and practical!

Development Days is a separate devision of De Beukelaar Groep. The ‘designers of development’ are appropriately located in the Dutch Design Center in Utrecht, where form and content converge for your benefit.

Development Days combines the many years executive development experience of De Beukelaar Groep and the international Business School, the Corsendonk College, with the methodical and structured approach of a development centre.

The unique but extremely effective approach of De Beukelaar Groep, together with the knowledge and extensive network of the national and international specialists of the Corsendonk College are the key to what you wish to achieve at Development Days. The entire program will be developed specifically for you. There is good reason why we call the people behind Development Days ‘designers of development’!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us an 
e-mail or call Thomas Blekman (+31 651311016) directly. 

You can also download the brochure here.